Instagram stories allow us to know the last hour of the people we follow through short videos, videos that have an expiration date as they are only available for the 24 hours following their posting, Although fortunately for the more curious, it is possible to download Instagram stories and keep them forever.

However, not everything is beautiful, at least for those users who want to always maintain a line of privacy that they do not want to be forced to transfer. This is due to the operation of this platform because if a user posts a story on Instagram, it will have access to a list showing all the people who have seen it.

Because of this peculiar operation, many people wonder how to view Instagram stories online without using the official application or through the website to avoid leaving a trace of our curiosity and that, incidentally, Instagram doesn't know us even better than it already does.

What are Instagram stories?

Instagram stories are mainly short videos (which may contain photos) inspired by the feature that made it popular on the Snapchat platform, which has a duration of 24 hours since its publication. Being ephemeral, this content is aimed primarily at companies and influencers to enhance their brand.

Walking users also use them to let their followers (mostly friends) know that they have done so in recent days, that they plan to do things like go to a concert, go to the mountains, swim on the beach.

This platform has long ceased to be a social network of food dishes to become a platform with irrelevant content if what you are looking for is to be informed. We could say that Instagram is a social network to hang out and get your teeth longer.

How to see Instagram stories

Instagram stories are represented in circles at the top of our account screen and are only shown when one of the people we follow has posted a story.

When a story is new, as reports it is shown with the border in red color to inform us that it is a news story that we have not yet seen. To view Instagram stories through the mobile app, just click on the circle of the person representing the story so that it plays automatically.

If we want to see it through a computer, we can also do it, as the interface is virtually the same, representing the stories in a circle around the person we follow at the top of the screen.

Once we click on the story, we become part of the list that Instagram creates for the user who posted it so that he will know at all times that we have consulted his post. Fortunately, you can avoid it by following the steps we showed you in the next section.

How to view Instagram stories anonymously.

Enable more airplane modes

All the applications that require an internet connection, once we open them, download much of the available content so that when accessing it, it loads quickly and the user does not have to wait.

Thanks to this feature, users who want to prevent other people from knowing that they have visited their stories can take advantage of it. First, we need to open the app and wait a few seconds.

When we see that the Instagram stories of the people we follow are shown at the top, we activate the airplane mode of our mobile device.

At this time, our smartphone does not have an internet connection, but as we have previously uploaded the content, we can access the stories without leaving a trace on Instagram's servers.

To activate the airplane mode, we have to access the control panel by sliding our fingers from the top of the screen downwards and pressing the button represented by an airplane.

Create a secondary account

Sometimes the easiest option is to create a secondary account on Instagram and follow the person whose stories we want to gossip about. However, we may have a problem if the person we want to follow needs to validate our request to follow.

The application allows us to remember different user accounts along with the password, so switching between our primary and secondary accounts is a quick and easy process.


Thanks to the Hiddengram extension (Available for Microsoft Edge and Chrome), we can access the profiles of the people we want and consult both their posts and all the stories they publish without being notified that we have been.

You must enter your Instagram account details to access it. Using the extension icon, we can enable or disable the operation of the application. Once inside Instagram, we have to access the extension and turn it on or off depending on whether we want to leave a trace of our visit and if we do not care that the user knows.

If the eye representing the extension is shown in red, we will leave no trace of our visit to this story. If, on the other hand, it is shown in green, the user who published the story will know that we have consulted it.

Application to view stories anonymously

In the Play Store, we have at our disposal a large number of applications that allow us, at least ensure, to see Instagram stories anonymously, Being an essential requirement to have to enter our Instagram account.

This simple fact leads us to raise a number of doubts about its actual operation. Why do you need access to my Instagram account? Obviously, we have to flee like the plague of such applications and/or web pages that invite us to enter the data of our Instagram account.

However, with an extension like Hiddengram, this does not happen. It is not the same to use an extension for a browser where we enter the data of our account (and do not leave here) than to use an application of which we do not really know if they have to travel to other servers and run the risk that our account becomes a source of spam for all our followers.

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